Hi, I'm Catalina  

I am an English > Spanish and Portuguese <> Spanish translator; Spanish copy editor; and project manager in academic writing in the humanities and social sciences; international aid and development; and art criticism. Some of my clients are New York University's Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics; The Pratt Institute; UNICEF - Latin American and the Caribbean; the consultancy firm in international development Panagora Group; the online art magazine C&AL Contemporary And América Latina; as well as scholars and authors in the US and Latin America. I also hold a Ph.D. in Latin American Literatures and Cultures from New York University, seven years of experience working as a Spanish and Latin American instructor at the college level, and six years of experience as project manager of cultural and educational initiatives. My services as a translator, editor, project manager, or public humanist are at the service of the dissemination of knowledge, research, activism, and artistic production driven by critical thinking and the desire for cultural and social change. 




What can I do for you?

English > Spanish and Portuguese <> Spanish translation

I provide translation services from English to Spanish, from English to Portuguese, and between Spanish and Portuguese for different academic and cultural institutions, humanitarian organizations, and consultancy firms. I am familiar with many varieties of Latin American and Latinx Spanish; fluent in English and Brazilian Portuguese. My translations are informed by research in both the source and target languages, as well as attention and respect for linguistic and cultural differences. I also maintain my own glossaries for the fields I work in, including international development and cooperation; advocacy; academic research in the humanities and social sciences; and visual and performance art criticism. Depending on the translation, my translations into Spanish may also be revised by a second Spanish native speaker and linguist. After I have delivered a translation, I usually ask for feedback to ensure the client is happy with the service and to discuss any points that I should take into consideration. This helps ensure I always have a clear understanding of the client's needs.

Project Management 

As the managing editor of the emisférica journal's "Expulsion" issue, I was in charge of shepherding approximately 50 manuscripts, from concept to publication, with their different copy-edited versions, translations into Spanish and Portuguese, images, and multimedia presentations. Between 2006 and 2007, I also worked as assistant coordinator of the program "Bogota, World Book Capital, 2007", created by Bogota's Secretary of Culture after Bogota's nomination by UNESCO. There, I supervised, from concept to completion, the inter-institutional production of more than 15 projects and events that promoted the book, readership, and literature in the city. Among them was the writers' encounter "Bogota, 39"—created in partnership with the Hay Festival; the first Children and Youth Book Fair; an international congress on creative writing; an international encounter of independent editors; and Bogota's

participation in the Guadalajara International Book Fair. This experience has given me the administrative and management skills to define the scope of a project (educational, cultural, linguistic); create a work breakdown structure; meet and enforce schedules and deadlines; correspond with multiple stakeholders –in English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese–; maintain partnerships and working relations with different parties and members of a team, and deliver high-quality results within established and tight deadlines. 

Spanish language and Latin American Literatures and Cultures Instruction

During seven years I worked as a Spanish and Latin American Literature and Culture instructor at New York University. There I taught all levels of Spanish to undergraduate students including the advanced course Critical Approaches to Textual and Cultural Analysis and the weekly recitations of the core-curriculum course Contexts and Cultures in Latin America. I also worked as a private Spanish tutor for children, teenagers, and adults in New York City, as well as a Spanish instructor online for scholars in the US interested in practicing conversational Spanish or learning Spanish for reading and comprehension. My teaching and academic background qualify me to teach Spanish language and Hispanic American literature and culture. My teaching philosophy is based in the believe that the instructor should act as a guide and facilitator of the student's learning process; offer hands-on activities; allow students to have choices and let their curiosity drive their learning; provide a stimulating respectful environment; and promote critical thinking, as well as democratic and pluralistic values. 

Public Humanities

In my Ph.D. dissertation, I examined the Colombian literary regional writing that dealt with the destructive effects on humans and non-humans of extractive and monoculture export industries during the first half of the 20 century. I focused on the ways this literary writing contested dominant modern understandings of the relationship between the human and the non-human, nature, and culture and propose ways of knowledge beyond the human and non-human divide. During my doctorate studies, I also examined the sense of "futurity" of Colombian, Argentinian, and Brazilian cultural movements of the 1950s and 1960s; gender and sexuality in Latin American fictional writing; indigenous feminist critique; the subject of autobiographical discourse, etc. This research experience could inform many cultural and educational initiatives in the public humanities, particularly, if focused on Latin American cultural production and/or the environmental humanities. Furthermore, my bachelor's degree in Communications, 

combined with my experience as an instructor, editor and translator –and my passion for creative writing–, qualify me to disseminate and communicate scholarly work for non-specialized audiences. 



Catalina was the managing editor of emisférica, the online journal of the Hemispheric Institute, for the 2018-2019 academic year at New York University. She is, without doubt, the most well-organized managing editor we have ever had at the journal. Translation into Spanish and Portuguese was part of her job and her translations were always timely and always attentive to detail and the important nuances of both literary and scholarly language. The Hemispheric Institute has continued to rely on her translation services, both because of the very high quality of her work and the timeliness with which she completes it. I strongly encourage anyone to hire her. She will an enormous asset to your organization."

Marcial Godoy-Anativia

Managing Director

Hemispheric Institute 

of Performance and Politics

New York University

Great translator, really professional and proactive. We are really satisfied with the services and products she delivers."


Adela Hive


Latin American and the Caribbean

Catalina is a regular translator for Contemporary And América Latina (C&AL) for which I work as a co-editor in Berlin. Catalina's translations, from the English and Portuguese into Spanish, not only reflect the sense of the original texts, they are enriched by the way she adapts nuances of the contents for the Latin American readers. Her work is also very thorough and punctual. I would definitely recommend Catalina to other colleagues. I would underline her punctuality and care when translating complex texts, as well as her intelligence as a translator and editor."

Hernán D. Caro


C&AL Contemporary And América Latina

Dr. Correa provided Panagora Group with excellent Spanish translations on a short turn around basis. These translations needed to be done with a sensitivity toward the Colombian context and were well done. Panagora Group would use Dr. Correa’s services again.


Elyse Callahan

Project Manager

Panagora Group


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