Education and Training

  • Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures, New York University, 2019

  • M.Phil. in Modern Literature, Iberoamericana University, Mexico City, 2010

  • B.A. in Social Communication, Emphasis on Editorial Production, Javeriana University, Bogota, 2007

  • Training Course in Publishing for Young Ibero American Editors, Complutense University, Menéndez Pelayo University, Carolina Foundation – SIALE, March - April 2007


Experience as an Editor and Translator

April 2020 - present 

Freelance English>Spanish – English>Portuguese Emergency Translator

UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean

Panama City, Panama


  • Translate from English and/or BR Portuguese to Spanish documents produced at the outset of an international emergency and deliver them in a 3 to 24 hours timeframe.

September 2019 – present

Freelance English>Spanish – Portuguese>Spanish Translator

Digital Magazine Contemporary And Latin America (C&AL)


São Paulo, Brazil

  • Translate from English to Spanish and from Portuguese to Spanish articles, interviews, reviews for Contemporary And Latin America (C&AL), a digital magazine focused on contemporary African and Afro-diasporic visual and performance art.

  • Copyedited the Spanish print issues of the magazine.

September 2018 – present


Freelance English>Spanish, English>Portuguese (BR) Translator

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

New York University

New York, United States

  • Translate from English to Spanish and from English to Brazilian Portuguese academic articles in the fields of humanities and social sciences for the emisferica journal; reviews of performances for the institute’s digital video library; testimonies of immigrants to the United States and of immigration activists for the project Ecologies of Migrant Care; day-to-day dissemination materials.



  • Translator from English into Spanish of the book The Extractive Zone. Social Ecologies, Decolonial Perspectives (Duke University Press, 2017) by Macarena Gómez-Barris (forthcoming).

  • Translator from English into Spanish of six articles of the book Estrategias resistentes edited by Diana Taylor and Marcos Steuernagel (HemiPress, 2019).

  • Copy editor of the book Desobediencia radical edited by Irinia Troconis and Alejandro Castro (HemiPress, 2019).

  • Copy editor of the book Los imaginarios planetarios by Mary Louise-Pratt (Aluvión Editorial, 2018).

Experience as a Project Manager

September 2018 - May 2019

Managing Editor


Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics - New York University

New York, United States


  • Collaborated with the editor-in-chief to determine calls, content, and topics for each issue.

  • Coordinated editorial communications and meetings.

  • Shepherded manuscripts from concept to publication which included:

   *Commissioning articles, reviews, and translations in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

   *Translating articles and reviews from English into Spanish.

   *Submitting articles for peer-reviewers.

   *Evaluating and proofreading approved articles, reviews, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese           following the Chicago manual of style.

   *Controlling schedules and enforcing deadlines for writers, photographers, designers, interns,          etc.

   *Formatting textual and visual content on JOOMLA! And WordPress.

   *Securing publication permissions for texts, images, and books for reviews.

   *Assigning and overseeing the work of interns.

   *Writing publicity for web, print, and social media.

June 2006 - December 2007

Assistant Coordinator

Program “Bogota, World Book Capital, 2007”

Secretary of Culture, Recreation, and Sports

Bogota D.C., Colombia


Supervised and managed the inter-institutional production of more than 15 projects and events related to the program created after the UNESCO nomination of Bogota as “world book capital, 2007”. The former included:

   *Coordinating and participating in interinstitutional on issues such as the concept of the           project/event, objectives and tasks, budgeting, programming, commercialization, production,     publicity campaign.

   *Converting interinstitutional decisions into concrete institutional goals, schedules, tasks,       budgets.

  *Delegating assignments to the appropriate members of the institutional team.

  *Overseeing budgets and monetary expenditures.

  *Informing and discussing with the upper management on projects and events.

  *Collecting and organizing the administrative documentation of projects and activities.

  *Overseeing logistics: travel, hotel, local transportation, payments.

  *Providing selected and persuasive information to the media department on every               project/event.

  *Co-writing and co-editing with the team leader calls for participation for specific projects and      activities.

  *Collecting text, photo, and video materials of past projects/events for archival


Experience as an Instructor in Higher Education

September 2012 - August 2018

Spanish and Latin American Culture Instructor

Spanish and Portuguese Department

New York University

New York, United States


  • Developed grammar lessons, presentations, speeches, handouts, and activities based on a student-centered and communicative approach to second language acquisition and Latin American Culture.

  • Managed the classroom atmosphere to create a collective spirit of curiosity, respect, dialogue, teamwork, and self-reliance.

  • Conducted special assessments and tutoring sessions to support the student’s learning process.

  • Created learning strategies for all students and for students with particular needs and challenges.

  • Determined and evaluated student progress through graded essays, projects, quizzes, and e-learning platforms.

  • Provided detailed, individual feedback on student’s classroom activities, articles, and presentations.


 Courses taught at NYU:

  *Summer 2018: Intermediate Intensive Spanish

  *Spring 2017: Intermediate Intensive Spanish

  *Summer 2016: Elementary Spanish 2

  *Summer 2015: Critical Approaches to Spanish Literature and Culture

  *Spring 2015: Critical Approaches to Spanish Literature and Culture

  *Spring 2014: Cultures and Contexts in Latin America

  *Spring 2013: Elementary Spanish 2

  *Fall 2012: Elementary Spanish 1

Experience as a Scholar

Ph.D. Dissertation: “Un mundo terráneo. El regionalismo postnaturalista en Colombia (1924-1947)” [“An Earthy World. Post-naturalist Regionalism in Colombia (1924-1947)”]. Advisors: Jens Andermann and Laura Torres Rodríguez. (Published in ProQuest).

M.Phil. Thesis: “Fernando Vallejo: la voz y el derrame del yo” [ by Fernando Vallejo: The Voice and the Overflow of the ”]. Advisor: José Ramón Ruisánchez. Published as: “El río del tiempo de Fernando Vallejo: la voz y el derrame del yo”, Hipertexto (13) 2011: 108-119.


  • “Amazonian Ecocritical Thinking”, LASA Congress, Barcelona, June 2018.

  • “Gender and Sexuality in Latin American Literature”, LASA Congress, Washington D.C., May 2013.



  • Moderator in the launching of Tierras en trance: arte y naturaleza después del paisaje [In Trance Earths: Art and Nature after Landscape] and Natura. Environmental Aesthetics after Landscape by Jens Andermann, New York City, McNally Jackson, February 2019.

  • Moderator in the launching of Los imaginarios planetarios [The Planetary Imaginaries] by Mary Louise Pratt, New York City, New York University, King Juan Carlos Center of Spain, September 2018.

  • “Identidades aprendices en La vorágine (1924) de José Eustasio Rivera y En el corazón de la América virgen (1924) de Julio Quiñones” [Apprentices Identities in The Vortex (1924) by José Eustasio Rivera and In the Heart of Virgin America (1924) by Julio Quiñones] in the panel “Amazonian Ecocritical Thinking” at LASA (Latin American Studies Association) Congress, Barcelona, May 2018.

  • “Memoria por correspondencia de Emma Reyes: hacia una nueva enunciación de lo literario y lo político en Colombia” ["Memory by correspondence by Emma Reyes: Towards a New Enunciation of the Literary and Political in Colombia"] in the panel: “Como mujeres latinoamericanas” [“Like Latin American Women”] at LASA Congress, San Juan, May 2015.

  • “Buenos Aires Affair de Manuel Puig: los géneros del género” [“Buenos Aires Affair by Manuel Puig: the genres of gender”] in the panel: “Gender and Sexuality in Latin American Literature” at LASA Congress, Washington D.C., May 2013.


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