Education and Training

  • Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures, New York University, 2019

  • M.Phil. in Modern Literature, Iberoamericana University, Mexico City, 2010

  • B.A. in Social Communication, Emphasis on Editorial Production, Javeriana University, Bogota, 2007

  • Training Course in Publishing for Young Ibero American Editors, Complutense University, Menéndez Pelayo University, Carolina Foundation – SIALE, March - April 2007


Experience as an Independent Editor and Translator


March 2021 - Present

International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere Region (IPPFWHR)

BR Portuguese to Spanish translator

  • Translate from Brazilian Portuguese into Spanish Debora Diniz's columns on sex and reproductive health and rights in Brazil for El País, Latin America.


November 2020 - present

Center for Reproductive Rights - LAC

English>Spanish Translator

  • Translate from English into Spanish documents (amicus curiae briefings, reports, and other materials) related to sexual and reproductive health and rights in Latin America.


UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean                                     April 2020 - present 

English>Spanish – English>Portuguese Emergency Translator


  • Translate from English and/or BR Portuguese to Spanish documents produced at the outset of an international emergency and deliver them in a 3 to 24 hours timeframe.


September 2019 – present

Goethe-Institut - Brazil 

English>Spanish – Portuguese>Spanish Translator

Digital Magazine Contemporary And Latin America (C&AL)

  • Translate from English to Spanish and from Portuguese to Spanish articles, interviews, reviews for Contemporary And Latin America (C&AL), a digital magazine focused on contemporary African and Afro-diasporic visual and performance art.

  • Copyedited the Spanish print issues of the magazine.


September 2018 – present


Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

New York University

English>Spanish, English>Portuguese (BR) Translator

  • Translate from English to Spanish and from English to Brazilian Portuguese academic articles in the fields of humanities and social sciences for the emisferica journal; reviews of performances for the institute’s digital video library; testimonies of immigrants to the United States and of immigration activists for the project Ecologies of Migrant Care; day-to-day dissemination materials.



  • Translator from English into Spanish of the book The Extractive Zone. Social Ecologies, Decolonial Perspectives (Duke University Press, 2017) by Macarena Gómez-Barris (forthcoming).

  • Translator from English into Spanish of six articles of the book Estrategias resistentes edited by Diana Taylor and Marcos Steuernagel (HemiPress, 2019).

  • Copy editor of the book Desobediencia radical edited by Irinia Troconis and Alejandro Castro (HemiPress, 2019).

  • Copy editor of the book Los imaginarios planetarios by Mary Louise-Pratt (Aluvión Editorial, 2018).

Experience as a Project Manager

September 2018 - May 201


Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics - New York University

Managing Editor


  • Collaborated with the editor-in-chief to determine calls, content, and topics for each issue.

  • Coordinated editorial communications and meetings.

  • Shepherded manuscripts from concept to publication which included:

   *Commissioning articles, reviews, and translations in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

   *Translating articles and reviews from English into Spanish.

   *Submitting articles for peer-reviewers.

   *Evaluating and proofreading approved articles, reviews, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese           following the Chicago manual of style.

   *Controlling schedules and enforcing deadlines for writers, photographers, designers, interns,          etc.

   *Formatting textual and visual content on JOOMLA! And WordPress.

   *Securing publication permissions for texts, images, and books for reviews.

   *Assigning and overseeing the work of interns.

   *Writing publicity for web, print, and social media.

June 2006 - December 2007

Program “Bogota, World Book Capital, 2007”

Secretary of Culture, Recreation, and Sports

Assistant Coordinator


Supervised and managed the inter-institutional production of more than 15 projects and events related to the program created after the UNESCO nomination of Bogota as “world book capital, 2007”. The former included:

   *Coordinating and participating in interinstitutional on issues such as the concept of the           project/event, objectives and tasks, budgeting, programming, commercialization, production,     publicity campaign.

   *Converting interinstitutional decisions into concrete institutional goals, schedules, tasks,       budgets.

  *Delegating assignments to the appropriate members of the institutional team.

  *Overseeing budgets and monetary expenditures.

  *Informing and discussing with the upper management on projects and events.

  *Collecting and organizing the administrative documentation of projects and activities.

  *Overseeing logistics: travel, hotel, local transportation, payments.

  *Providing selected and persuasive information to the media department on every               project/event.

  *Co-writing and co-editing with the team leader calls for participation for specific projects and      activities.

  *Collecting text, photo, and video materials of past projects/events for archival


Experience as an Instructor in Higher Education

Spanish and Portuguese Department

New York University                                                             September 2012 - August 2018

Spanish and Latin American Culture Instructor


  • Developed grammar lessons, presentations, speeches, handouts, and activities based on a student-centered and communicative approach to second language acquisition and Latin American Culture.

  • Managed the classroom atmosphere to create a collective spirit of curiosity, respect, dialogue, teamwork, and self-reliance.

  • Conducted special assessments and tutoring sessions to support the student’s learning process.

  • Created learning strategies for all students and for students with particular needs and challenges.

  • Determined and evaluated student progress through graded essays, projects, quizzes, and e-learning platforms.

  • Provided detailed, individual feedback on student’s classroom activities, articles, and presentations.


 Courses taught at NYU:

  *Summer 2018: Intermediate Intensive Spanish

  *Spring 2017: Intermediate Intensive Spanish

  *Summer 2016: Elementary Spanish 2

  *Summer 2015: Critical Approaches to Spanish Literature and Culture

  *Spring 2015: Critical Approaches to Spanish Literature and Culture

  *Spring 2014: Cultures and Contexts in Latin America

  *Spring 2013: Elementary Spanish 2

  *Fall 2012: Elementary Spanish 1

Experience as a Scholar

Ph.D. Dissertation: “Un mundo terráneo. El regionalismo postnaturalista en Colombia (1924-1947)” [“An Earthy World. Post-naturalist Regionalism in Colombia (1924-1947)”]. Advisors: Jens Andermann and Laura Torres Rodríguez. (Published in ProQuest).

M.Phil. Thesis: “Fernando Vallejo: la voz y el derrame del yo” [ by Fernando Vallejo: The Voice and the Overflow of the ”]. Advisor: José Ramón Ruisánchez. Published as: “El río del tiempo de Fernando Vallejo: la voz y el derrame del yo”, Hipertexto (13) 2011: 108-119.


  • “Amazonian Ecocritical Thinking”, LASA Congress, Barcelona, June 2018.

  • “Gender and Sexuality in Latin American Literature”, LASA Congress, Washington D.C., May 2013.



  • Moderator in the launching of Tierras en trance: arte y naturaleza después del paisaje [In Trance Earths: Art and Nature after Landscape] and Natura. Environmental Aesthetics after Landscape by Jens Andermann, New York City, McNally Jackson, February 2019.

  • Moderator in the launching of Los imaginarios planetarios [The Planetary Imaginaries] by Mary Louise Pratt, New York City, New York University, King Juan Carlos Center of Spain, September 2018.

  • “Identidades aprendices en La vorágine (1924) de José Eustasio Rivera y En el corazón de la América virgen (1924) de Julio Quiñones” [Apprentices Identities in The Vortex (1924) by José Eustasio Rivera and In the Heart of Virgin America (1924) by Julio Quiñones] in the panel “Amazonian Ecocritical Thinking” at LASA (Latin American Studies Association) Congress, Barcelona, May 2018.

  • “Memoria por correspondencia de Emma Reyes: hacia una nueva enunciación de lo literario y lo político en Colombia” ["Memory by correspondence by Emma Reyes: Towards a New Enunciation of the Literary and Political in Colombia"] in the panel: “Como mujeres latinoamericanas” [“Like Latin American Women”] at LASA Congress, San Juan, May 2015.

  • “Buenos Aires Affair de Manuel Puig: los géneros del género” [“Buenos Aires Affair by Manuel Puig: the genres of gender”] in the panel: “Gender and Sexuality in Latin American Literature” at LASA Congress, Washington D.C., May 2013.